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How the Walther PPQ, Sig Sauer P320 and Steyr M9-A1 stack up

November 30, 2017

The popularity of compact size polymer handguns has grown faster than any other area in the firearm world. These are often referred to as the “Wonder 9s,” as most every company attempts to produce their version of the Glock 19 in hopes that it will take off and get people running to their local gun store to pick one up before they sell out. I look forward to Shot Show every year to see what new Wonder 9s will become available.

What about the compact size, polymer frame, double stack magazine, striker-fired handguns that are currently available? I brought out three pistols that have incredible reputations for features, accuracy and reliability. The Walther PPQ, Sig Sauer P320 and Steyr M9-A1 are tops in their class, in my opinion. Each of these handguns shares common specifications of the Wonder 9 class, but they all have special features that are proprietary to their respective company.

If you ever want to see loyal gun guys argue, compare three outstanding handguns and ask them which is the best. You will get every opinion under the sun, which may eventually end up in name calling. I find it comical, but let’s get back to the pistols.

The Walther PPQ has an amazing following of dedicated people. It sports a smooth and light trigger, incredible consistency and the best ergonomics in the handgun world. The PPQ has a huge following of dedicated people who swear it’s the best handgun ever produced. I have owned the Walther PPQ for two years and it is one of my favorite pistols in my collection.

When the Sig Sauer P320 was released, it was quickly dubbed the “Glock Killer.” Marketed as a modular pistol with various frame sizes and a serialized trigger chassis, the P320 earned respect for reliability and comfortable carry. I’m not sure if the P320 was a Glock Killer, but it sure did win over many loyal Glock fans to its side.

The Steyr M9-A1 is an amazing handgun that deserves to be ranked among the best in its class. For years, loyal Steyr fans have told me that Steyr pistols offer everything one would want in a compact handgun. Comfortable ergos, light trigger, 17 round mag capacity and trapezoidal sights make the Steyr handgun models incredibly consistent, smooth shooting and accurate. Steyr pistols are not as readily available as the others, so many people appreciate what Steyr offers but may not have experienced one for themselves. Those who own Steyrs speak very high of the quality.

Being that I own all three, I decided to have a three-gun showdown and ask the viewers to decide which was best. I knew this would draw a lot of strong feelings with good participation. Watch the videos and let us know how you feel about the results.

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