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An A-10 goes ‘brrrt’ in The Rock’s new movie with a giant gorilla and wolf

A-10 Warthog (YouTube)
November 17, 2017

On Thursday, Warner Brothers released a trailer for the movie “Rampage,” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The movie is loosely based on the successful 1986 arcade game and subsequent video game series.

Dwayne Johnson (Twitter)

The film, directed by “San Andreas” film directorĀ Brad Peyton, features Dwayne Johnson as a primatologist who takes care of an albino silverback gorilla named George.

When a genetic experiment goes wrong, George mutates from a 7-foot-tall ape into to an aggressive ape that is larger than a house.

Dwayne Johnson fights off massive mutated creatures in Chicago (Youtube)

Similar genetic science experiments go wrong, and other creatures such as a wolf and a crocodile turn into large, ferocious beasts.

With the help of a genetic engineer, Dwayne Johnson’s character, namedĀ Davis Okoye, works to find an antidote and stop the creatures from destroying everything.

A-10 fires at mutated creatures (YouTube)

In the meantime, massive battle scenes between the military and the creatures take place.

At one point in the trailer, an A-10 Warthog is seen flying low to the ground and firing at the creatures.

The movie is set to be released on April 20, 2018.