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Self defense shooting gone ‘right’ after car jack attempt

October 16, 2017

The problem with most self-defense situations is that the criminal has the upper hand. They decide how and when they will attack, and by what means they will perpetrate their crime. This leaves the concealed carrier at a severe disadvantage. We are often forced to respond after a threat and/or gun is drawn on us. The options are to fight, flight or submit. Research has shown that those who submit stand the greater chance of serious injury or death.

Deadly situations typically happen when we least expect it. When life gets busy, our minds wander as we focus on what we need to accomplish for a successful day. Those are the times when our situational awareness is compromised. Our defensive mindset is overshadowed by life’s responsibilities, making us vulnerable and weak. Intense defense training has taught me to resist this trap and always be aware of my surroundings.

As concealed carry permit holders, we celebrate when a “good guy” with a gun is successful against an attack. We study the situation and ask ourselves what went right, wrong and how we would have handled it. It’s important to evaluate our training, mindset and carry system to assess our preparedness for such an event. Could you retrieve your gun in one second?  Do you keep a round loaded in the chamber? Or would you be like the masses of victims who say “it all happened so fast and I froze.”

The video shared here demonstrates a car jacking situation. The would-be victim was prepared to use his gun and take care of the situation. His draw of the gun was amazingly quick. I believe his situational awareness told him something bad was going to happen; therefore, he had his hand on his gun and was prepared to use it. As I have often suggested, he had a round loaded in the chamber. The time it would take to manually load a round could mean the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, we have several other situations where a victim was not as successful due to the time it took to load a round.

Watch the video below and ask yourself if you could have responded as quickly and efficiently as this guy did.

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