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Officially Terror: NYC truck attack declared a terrorist attack by NYC Mayor; eight dead, 12+ injured

October 31, 2017

Here are the videos of NYPD officer tracking and apprehending NYC truck terrorist after shooting him.

Eight people are reported dead and at least 12 others seriously injured following a truck ramming by a white truck in lower Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon.

In a press conference, NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio declared this as an intentional terrorist attack shortly after the FBI Joint Terror Task Force showed up to the scene, and the NYPD is saying they are treating this incident as suspected terror.

A Bellevue Hospital source, where the terrorist is being treated and held, who wishes to remain anonymous, told American Military News – when asked what the terrorist looked like, that they have seen the terrorist up close, and the driver “definitely looks middle eastern.”

The driver of the truck rented it from a Home Depot in New Jersey and drove the truck to lower Manhattan, where he drove the truck the wrong way down a bike path and continued for about 20 blocks before the truck was stopped.

The driver then got out of the truck with a paintball gun and a BB gun, and was subsequently shot by NYPD.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says that this was an attack on freedom and America’s democracy.

The driver of the truck was a 29 -year-old male and was shot multiple times by an NYPD officer who was on the scene.

The driver is currently alive at Bellevue Hospital.

Possible terrorism (Twitter)

It was reported that the truck driver shouted “Allahu Akbar” when he got out of his truck.

Truck attack (Twitter)

This incident comes on Halloween and just days before the New York City Marathon, which takes place on Sunday, Nov. 5.

The NYPD has been communicating with the public:

NYPD advisory (Twitter)

Mixed reports from witnesses flowed into all news agencies and created initial confusion on what exactly took place.

One eyewitness told CBS News: “I saw a truck – a white pick-up truck – going down the bicycle lane and running people over.”

Witnesses reported that they saw a white box truck enter a bike path in Midtown Manhattan and continue for about two miles before running over cyclists when the truck reached downtown.

The NYPD reported that there is no longer an active threat in the area.

It is unclear just exactly how many people have been hurt in the incident, with reports still incoming.

Erica Pishdadian (Twitter)

The NYPD told people to avoid the Chambers Street and West Street areas.

NYPD News (Twitter)