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Illegal immigrants jump border fence while MSNBC films Trump border wall prototypes

October 27, 2017

During an MSNBC report on President Donald Trump’s border wall prototypes, multiple illegal immigrants jumped the border fence and turned themselves into border patrol agents on horseback.

As can be seen in the video, a girl with a pink backpack and two other illegal immigrants jumped over the fence and were approached by several border patrol agents riding horses.

MSNBC correspondent Jacob Soboroff calls the illegal immigrants “asylum-seekers, migrants not from Mexico.”

“This is a reality of everyday border enforcement,” a border patrol agent tells Soboroff. “The United States is still the draw, the ultimate draw for people that have dire situations where they’re at.”

“We’re going to continue to witness this,” he says. “It plays out on a regular basis for us.”

Soboroff goes on to show an existing part of the border fence on the Mexican side that has a pile of dirt next to it, allowing illegal immigrants the opportunity to easily get over the wall. Soboroff says that part of the wall is where the three illegal immigrants had just jumped over from.

Soboroff asked a group of Mexicans if they think people are going to try crossing the border. One man said that “somehow they will find a way” to cross the border.

In the beginning of the report, Soboroff mentions that in the sector that he is at in – Tijuana, Mexico – roughly 70 people jump over the wall per day.

Eight border wall prototypes, standing 30 feet tall by 30 feet wide, were unveiled earlier this week.

Four of the prototypes are constructed out of concrete while the others are made out of “alternate material,” the border patrol agent said. Each prototype is also created to prevent people from digging six feet under.

The next phase for the border wall is the testing of their breach-ability, which includes how long it would take to cut through it, dig under it, or scale over it. The testing will last between one and two months.

According to the border patrol agent, the 2,000-mile-long border between Mexico and the United States only has roughly 700 miles of fencing in total. The agency said that if a wall were to be built, it would not need to span the entire length of the border because it would only be needed in places where it could be effective and topographically possible.

Over the past several years, apprehensions in the San Diego area have decreased dramatically, according to the MSNBC report.

The one question that remains for the construction for the border wall is the funding. President Trump previously said Mexico will be footing the bill for the wall.