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Glock 37 in .45 GAP – The Glock nobody talks about

October 20, 2017

There are several firearm educated people that I know who have no idea what a .45 GAP is.  

The “GAP” stands for Glock Auto Pistol. It’s a 200 grain .45 caliber bullet housed in a shorter, higher pressure filled case. The .45 GAP was Glock’s answer to the .45 ACP round, but it never took off in popularity. A few law enforcement agencies used the .45 GAP but most returned back to the .45 ACP. I am told that the .45 GAP is still used with a couple of law enforcement agencies, but I cannot verify that for certain.

For those looking to get a great deal on a Glock handgun, the models G37, G38 and G39 are selling for cheap. The Glock 37 featured in this review was a law enforcement turn-in and was purchased for $280, which included night sights, extended slide stop and three magazines. The Glock 37 is a full-size pistol that is equal in size to a Glock 17.  

The downside of a proprietary round like the .45 GAP is the cost of the ammo. A standard .45 GAP costs approximately $1 a round compared to .45 ACP, which typically sells for 40 cents a round.

However, for those who love Glock pistols, the .45 GAP models are a steal for under $300. One would be hard pressed to find any other Glock model for that price, whether it is a law enforcement turn-in or not. The only other current maker for the .45 GAP round is Bond Arms. Bond Arms produces several interchangeable barrels for their derrangers, including  .45 GAP, .45 Long Colt and 10mm. Springfield chambered an XD model in .45 GAP but has since discontinued it.

If you are one of the few people who still love the higher-pressured .45 GAP, check out the lesser expensive Glock models.  There is a small but dedicated following for the .45 GAP who reload their ammo to save money.  

Watch the video below that features the Glock 37 and let us know your experiences with the .45 GAP.   

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