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#2ARally – Second Amendment rallies are on November 5th

October 27, 2017

People gathering together with passion and a mission is very powerful. Groups of people unite to either celebrate success or protest something they disagree with. Many times, when politicians attempt to overreach the rights of the people, like-minded folks gather to stand up and fight for those very rights that are being trampled on.

In this case, we are fighting for our gun rights. Is this a fight that should happen every three or four years? Of course not. The Second Amendment is very clear that the people have the right keep and bear arms. It has been challenged several times at the Supreme Court level, and the court has continuously upheld that the people have a constitutional  right to keep and bear arms.

On Nov. 5 at 10 a.m., pro-2A and freedom-loving Americans are rallying at state capitols across the country. We are sending a strong message that our gun rights are not up for debate. As the media, certain politicians and anti-gun citizens publicly demonize law-abiding gun owners as part of the problem, we are gathering to say: we have had enough. We are rallying on Nov. 5 at our state capitols to send a positive message that gun owners are not part of the problem. In fact, legal gun owners are part of the solution to violent and psychotic killers.

All it takes is one psychotic person to abuse a right, and politicians quickly convene to enact bills to suppress the rights of the people. This is nothing new. Elected government officials, at both the state and federal level, attempt – and many times are successful – to limit and misinterpret the constitutional rights that our founders felt were so important. Several politicians feel they are so powerful that they can alter or change the Constitution to fit their agenda. In this case, it’s an attack on our Second Amendment with everything from gun bans, magazine capacity restrictions, trigger altercations and so much more.

Let’s look at the tragedy in Las Vegas. Here we have a murder-driven maniac who doesn’t fit the description of a mass killer. He was educated, wealthy and had no prior convictions. He was not known to have violent tendencies; therefore, he was not on the radar of law enforcement. Most importantly, he legally passed a universal background check to purchase the firearms he owned. There was no gun control law that could have prevented this killer from injuring and murdering hundreds of people.

The question is, what law could any politician enact that would have prevented this tragedy? The answer is, no gun control law would have prevented this killer from killing. Very seldom will you hear a politician say that.

I am taking the lead for Michigan’s rally on Nov. 5. The Capitol Grounds are reserved, speakers are being lined up and flyers are made and ready to be emailed your way. We need pro- 2A people to get involved and these rallies across the nation. If you are from Michigan, I need you and your friends in Lansing, Michigan, on Nov. 5 in truckloads. Contact me at [email protected] for a flyer and ways you can help.

Other states need your attendance and enthusiasm, as well. If you are just learning of this, check out this Facebook link to learn more about the rally at your state.

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