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See why the Kahr PM45 is ideal for those who carry a .45 ACP handgun

September 12, 2017

The Kahr PM45 is my favorite subcompact semi-auto .45 ACP pistol that I own. It is small and light with amazing accuracy and reliability. I have owned the Kahr PM45 for two years now and have yet to find another subcompact .45 ACP pistol that offers what the PM45 presents. Weighing in at just over 23 ounces loaded with five rounds of .45 ACP, the Kahr PM45 is the lightest handgun available in today’s market.

The Kahr PM45 is one of Kahr’s “premium” series of pistols. It has polygonal barrel rifling, deep machined cuts in the slide along with enhanced engraving and all of the parts are milled from bar stock steel. It ships with two five round and one six round stainless steel magazine for a total of three in the package. The Kahr PM45 pistol not only looks beautiful but is battle-ready when needed.

Another feature that is seldom spoken about is the function of the heavy Kahr recoil spring. The tight recoil spring decreases the muzzle rise when firing which allows the shooter to stay on target for quick follow up shots. If you watch the video below, you will notice minimal recoil with the PM45. The heavy un-captured recoil spring is credited for soft recoil management and ease of shooting especially with the large .45 ACP round.

All of the Kahr Arms handguns have a double action trigger pull that measures 6.5 pounds. They are known for having the smoothest trigger action on the market. The consistent double action trigger pull works well for training purposes. For example, the trigger on the Kahr PM45 feels the exact same as the trigger on the Kahr CW380.

The Kahr PM45 is incredible accurate and reliable. It’s small and lightweight body makes it ideal for the concealed carrier who chooses a .45 ACP for self defense. Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts and experiences with the Kahr PM45.