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Check out the ‘newest’ technology in self defense ammunition that yields incredible results

September 25, 2017

Shooters need to realize that not all ammo is created equal. Whether it is target or self defense ammunition, results vary based on the barrel length of the gun used and the shooter’s style. An experienced shooter typically understands their gun and what ammo works best with it.

The importance of this concept dramatically increases with self defense loads. It’s one thing to study range performance but it’s another thing (and more important) when defending one’s life. The self defense ammunition choice is as important as the gun itself.

I recently had the opportunity to review some new 9mm self defense ammunition that I consider “state of art.” This ammunition was created by two companies who joined together to create a self defense round that is quite amazing. The gun used for this range test was the Magnum Research MR9 with a 4.5-inch barrel.  

I took this ammunition to the range to test how well it fed and fired, how the bullet would expand in water and what kind of impact would it have on a 25-pound block of modeling clay. I was impressed with its penetration ability and the expansion of the bullet. Let’s first look at the materials that make up this round.

Shell Shock Technologies manufacturers innovative casings using a Nickel Alloy (NAS3) 2 part case.  

The advantages of NAS3 include:

  • 50 percent lighter than brass;
  • Out performs brass, nickel-plated brass, aluminum and polymer cases;
  • Have higher pressure ratings, stronger, more elastic, and more lubricious than brass;
  • Do not burnout or split;
  • Naturally slick alloy head material is self lubricating and does not damage or clog;
  • Exceptionally corrosion resistant;
  • Magnetic, allowing to be picked up at the range with a magnet;
  • Base/Head can be anodized in different colors to ID the load; and,
  • Made in the USA.

The LTech hollow point bullet has incredible expansion that mimics that of a boat propeller. At the range it had incredible performance. The hollow point bullet fragments into three jacketed petals that expand and spin, creating a large wound channel. The hollow point expands to more than a half inch, which doubles the original size of the bullet.

I first tested the ammunition to assure each round would feed, fire and eject. While using my Magnum Research MR9, the gun and ammo combination performed as expected. Then I shot three rounds in a large can of water to see how well the hollow point bullet expanded. They all consistently expanded to its fullest potential. Lastly, I shot three rounds in a 25-pound block of modeling clay. At this point, I will let the video explain the rest.

Watch the video and let us know how you feel this self defense ammunition performed.