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(WATCH) Being a ‘White Knight’ could get you killed. Here is how to avoid this scam.

August 07, 2017

A white knight is someone who comes to the aid of a distressed person. We may see a person, often times a distressed female, who needs help; being good and honest citizens, we want to lend a helping hand. It is human nature to help a person in need.

Unfortunately, there are criminals out there who are looking to take advantage of helpful people by robbing, car jacking, raping or even kidnapping the people we call white knights.

Here is the scam. Typically, a distressed female, in an isolated area, is in need of help. It could be a health problem, a broken down vehicle or even lost and in need of directions. A good Samaritan notices the situation and feels the need to help the distressed female. When he or she gets out of their vehicle to offer aid, out from out-of-nowhere, criminals approach looking to take advantage of the white knight.

This scam is taking place across the country. It gets reported as a typical robbery; however, how the crime took place seldom receives coverage.

We, as good, honest and helpful citizens, need to understand the white knight syndrome and how to avoid allowing ourselves from entering these potentially dangerous situations.

In the video below, I interview Vincent Jackson about the white knight syndrome. We discuss what the white knight syndrome is, how it’s often played out and how to avoid becoming a victim of this scam.

We are not saying to turn our backs on people in need. However, we are informing helpful citizens about the dangers that could occur by offering help to a distressed person.

Watch the video below and share any experiences you might have had with the white knight syndrome.

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