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(VIDEO) Four important decisions to make before you decide to carry a gun

August 21, 2017

Sometimes I think people want get their carry permit because it’s the trendy thing to do. They may hear their family, friends and coworkers talk about the importance of self protection and all of the sudden their eyes are open to increasing their own personal protection.

When asked, I encourage people to get trained and educate themselves about the legal responsibilities of carrying. More importantly, understand the difference of a justified shooting versus irrational usage of a gun. Unfortunately, we read about the latter all the time.

Carrying a gun takes commitment. There is no way around it. A financial and training commitment is essential. I am amazed at how many people purchase a $500 gun to carry in a $15 holster that doesn’t properly secure the gun. Or when people complain about the cost of ammunition and training.  Yes, it’s expensive and requires a time and energy sacrifice; but seriously consider why you decided to carry in the first place. We are talking about potentially taking a human life. That is the reality of carrying a gun. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you needed to use your gun to protect your family from a dangerous encounter and your level of training was not up to the task? Those who are not willing to put forth a time and financial commitment to carrying a gun are basically saying, “I want to do the least amount possible for what could be the most important dangerous encounter I have ever experienced.”

Unfortunately, criminals don’t ask permission or make appointments. They are typically experienced at creating violence, theft, rape and even death at a time when it’s least expected. Just watch your evening news. Victims say, “things like this usually never happen around here,” or “it all happened so fast.” Having a self-awareness mindset while understanding that crime can take place in any town at any time is a good start. Becoming confidently prepared to handle a dangerous situation is where we want to be. You will not get there by shooting a box of ammo at your local range and carrying your gun in your cheap $15 holster.

Watch the video and ask yourself if you are truly committed to carrying a gun. If so, you are an asset to your family and community.