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Young children recall how ISIS forced them to dismember a captured soldier

Black Standard
July 21, 2017

Young children who survived ISIS in Mosul recalled how they were forced to dismember captured soldiers when their own lives were on the line.

Starting in October 2016, intense fighting erupted in the city of Mosul, Iraq, to liberate the city from ISIS control.

While in control of the city, ISIS made young children endure atrocities such as being sold into slavery and carrying out suicide bombings.

In a documentary show called “Dateline in Australia, 11-year-old Hadya explained how she and her two siblings, five-year-old Shadi and nine-year-old Fadi, were forced to dismember captured soldiers.

“He came along and said, ‘You cut off a foot, you cut off an arm, and you slash his face with a knife,’ ” Hadya recalled. “Otherwise I’ll take you away from your mother and kill you all.”

“We were scared to refuse, we were each given a machete. I had to cut his hand off. I did it. [Fadi] had to cut his feet off. Shadi had to cut his face with a knife,” Hadya said.

According to the children, Shadi killed the man by stabbing him in the eye.

The psychological affects on Shadi nearly led him to kill his little sister.

“One day Shadi held a knife to our little sister’s throat,” Hadya said. “He would have cut her ear off if my mother hadn’t stopped him. He said, ‘I’ll cut her throat, she’s mine.’ ”

On another occasion, Shadi set fire to a tent his family was in.

“He said we had to burn down the place ‘like IS said.'” Hadya said.