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(WATCH) Florida man shoots up AT&T trucks parked in front of his house, then reloads


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In Miami, Florida, a senior citizen man, 64-year-old Jorge Jove, was upset that an AT&T truck was parked in front of his house.

His response was to get a revolver and begin shooting the tires and the engine of the truck.

Jove casually walked around the truck firing the gun and stopping to reload several times. There were at least two AT&T employees at the scene. One worker was raised in the bucket of the truck during the incident and the other was recording the man while describing the situation to a 911 operator.

For those of us who own firearms, we must understand that we should never use our firearm out of anger or retaliation.

In defensive situations, we have to justify when using our firearm that our life was in danger or in great bodily harm. In this case, Jove retaliated by causing thousands of dollars of damage to two AT&T trucks.

Jove was arrested and will most likely face several charges involving the illegal use of a firearm.

In my opinion, his gun will be confiscated, he will lose his gun rights, he will spend a lengthy time in jail and be fined thousands of dollars, along with retribution charges for the damage that he caused. To top it off, his legal fees will be very expensive, as well.

Watch the video below as I give my impressions as to how this situation will work out.

I also include actual footage of Jove walking around while shooting the AT&T truck. Be sure to let us know what you feel he will be charged with.