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(VIDEO) What to look for when buying a used gun


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Wouldn’t it be nice if most of the used handguns on the market today offered a low round count with no amateur home gunsmithing? I love to buy used guns from people who shot a couple boxes of ammo through their gun and then put it away for a year or two before they decided to sell it. The truth is, deals like those are rare.

So many times I walk into a gun store to see if there is anything there that I can’t live without. As I carefully study each pistol in the showcase, and of course the price tag, I notice a nice-looking gun with a used tag that displays a cheaper price.

How do I know if that gun was cared for like I care for my guns? Better yet, with all the after-market parts available, along with various finishes, what can I look for to see if the gun was abused?

Buying a used handgun can be risky. Let’s face it – the lure of saving money on a used product is a great incentive to make a quick firearm purchase. Without actually knowing the history of the handgun, how will we really know if the gun is in good workable condition?

Much like a used vehicle, purchasing a used gun requires the buyer to have a decent understanding of what to look for.

Oh sure, there are discounts for used guns; but any cash savings could get eaten up in gunsmith repair costs. I have known people who have bragged about a “great deal” they got with a used gun only to become angrily frustrated with it while attempting to fire it at the range. Knowing some key points on what to look for could help a buyer make a fair purchase with confidence that their money was well spent.

The video below explains five points of concern to look for when buying a used handgun.

I explain what can be expected with normal wear on a used gun, along with some particular points that would make me back away from a used gun purchase.

Let us know what you look for when buying a used handgun.