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(VIDEO) The most comfortable way to conceal carry a handgun


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A question I often get is, “what is the most comfortable way to conceal carry a handgun?” That’s a tough question to answer.

Much like the options of features people explore when deciding what gun to carry, deciding where to comfortably carry a gun differs from person to person. The style of clothing, how well the gun is concealed, the type of holster and the person’s weight all factor in with both physical and mental comfort.

The way I see it, deciding how and where to carry a gun depends on three questions.

First, will you be able to draw the gun quickly? Knowing that the bad guy will choose how and when an attack will occur means they have a strong advantage. If we cannot draw and point our gun within a matter of seconds, the advantage the bad guy has increases even more. I’ve studied the responses of people who have been attacked and 99% of them say, “it all happened so fast.” It sure would be nice to have advance notice or a reservation made, but we CCW people don’t have that luxury.

Second, will it remain comfortable enough for you to carry the gun from morning to night? Let’s face it, carrying a gun is comforting, but it’s not always comfortable. We need to create a system that no matter what our style of dress is or what environment we find ourselves in, we are committed to carry. When I hear someone say, “I only carry my gun when I know I’m going to a bad area,” it is abundantly clear to me they lack commitment. If you are comfortable with your carry system, you are more likely to carry 24/7.

Third, what sacrifices are you willing to make to carry every day? It makes no sense to me when someone buys a $500 gun and a $10 holster. That’s equivalent to eating at a five star restaurant and ordering off of the kid’s menu. Purchasing a quality holster that completely protects the trigger guard and wearing a heavy gun belt will help with both physical and mental confidence as we go about our daily activities. Add that with range practice and training, and we learn that this commitment is more expensive than we anticipated.

Watch the video and let us know if you agree with the methods discussed, and how you prefer to carry your EDC gun.