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(VIDEO) How to handle a ‘road rage’ madman

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Road rage is defined as violent anger caused by stress and frustration involved in driving a motor vehicle in difficult conditions.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are witnessing road rage more than ever before.  There are angry and violent people out there who will not think twice about holding up traffic just to scream, intimidate, cuss and threaten another driver. We have seen several occasions where people violently exit their vehicles to threaten or physically batter someone who angered them on the road.

Road rage presents a situation that will require us to react in a way that will protect ourselves both legally and physically.

Unless we have actually experienced a violent road rage encounter, how will we know the best practices for keeping ourselves safe? Exploring questions such as: Should I get out of my vehicle? Or should I immediately pull my gun? The answers to these questions, and others, need to be thought out in advance.

Ultimately, we need to attempt to prevent what could be a very dangerous situation for ourselves from both a physical and legal standpoint.

In the video below, Law Enforcement Officer Vincent Jackson offers some excellent advice with some points to consider when handling a road rage situation. As I interviewed Jackson, he made some helpful suggestions that I had never even considered.

Being prepared in all areas of danger is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. The fact is, most of us drive a vehicle every day, and therefore we are subject to possibly encountering road rage. Having some tools and ideas in advance of encountering these situations will help us survive the incident with minimal consequences.