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Gun and ammo prices are incredibly low right now – here is why

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I have been studying the firearm industry for many years and one thing I’ve learned is that the prices of guns and ammo are like the stock market. There are a couple of key elements that can shift the direction of the firearm market.

First is the gun-friendly political climate at the federal level.

With the election of President Donald Trump, the fear of gun and ammo bans are gone. During the past eight years, the firearm market experienced an increase of panic buying, which drove up demand to record levels. Along with that, we saw many people enter the gun world with record numbers applying for their concealed carry permits, and a major rise in shooting sports that drove the industry even higher. Panic buying has all but ceased now, leaving several gun manufacturers with an abundant supply of inventory.

Another reason why gun and ammo prices are low right now is because we are in the summer months.

Traditionally, summer is a weak time for guns and ammo sales. Firearm and ammunition sales skyrocket in the winter when new products are introduced and people spend more time reading and watching gun-related media. Even the local mom-and-pop gun stores and ranges are packed in the winter months. Ammunition sales skyrocket, as well. There is a reason why Shot Show is held in January, and that is because the firearm industry understands that the vast majority of Americans’ interest in gun-related products peaks in the winter.

In the video, I go a little deeper, and also offer some examples as to why gun and ammo prices are incredibly low right now. I also explain why we saw ammo shortages during the past eight years, and what drove the supply and demand in the ammunition market.

I tell people all the time that the best time to sell is when people are buying, and the best time to buy is when people are selling. Right now, the gun and ammo companies are selling and offering incredible discounts to entice people like us to open our wallets.