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Gear Review: The HTC Quick Response System™ (QRS)

July 19, 2017

I previously did a review on High Threat Concealment’s new Spektre™ Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) Holster and Everyday Tactical Belt (EDT).

This time I am taking a step further and examining The HTC Quick Response System™.

The QRS  is designed specifically to allow operators fast access to the gear they need regardless of what they’re wearing. You can wear the rig over a T-shirt and jeans, as well as under a button-down shirt or jacket.

Fully customizable, it can hold a sidearm, several magazines and pouches. The QRS can be utilized as a stand-alone pistol system, or paired with additional weapon systems and gear from the wide selection of options available.

What stood out to me about this product was how well it kept my rig at my waist. No sliding or sagging, this belt held true regardless or running or walking. This is essential when responding to a situation.

The QRS comes with a Tactical Cobra Belt, a Micro Grip Panel that can be worn over your garments and stays in place remarkably well, or in conjunction with the included hook and loop underbelt that would be used to hold up your trousers.

Compared to other combat belts I’ve worn, the HTC Quick Response System™ performed exceptionally well.

The retainment devices held both the pistol and AR magazines firmly in place, without stifling the withdraw of the fresh source of ammunition.

The Cobra belt latch made putting on and taking off the belt very fluid. This is ideal for quickly responding to a situation. It is rated to withstand up to 18 kilonewtons of force, or about 4,046 pounds.

This belt is versatile and can serve in multiple capacities. The QRS remains close to the body, reducing the appearance of bulk without sacrificing the fair amount of ammunition it can carry. It can also be your “Grab-and-Go” belt when you need to move quickly and bring the noise.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to carry multiple tactical items, without having to carry a full load-bearing vest.

To visit the HTC webpage, click here.

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