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(VIDEO) How to roll your sleeves to both comply with Marine Corps regulations and show off your guns

June 22, 2017

You would be surprised how many Marines who have been in for a couple of years still do not know how to roll their sleeves.

For those who see a Marine and don’t know about his or her daily tasks, things like this may come as a surprise.

After all, it doesn’t seem like rolling sleeves serves any important military function.

But rolling sleeves isn’t about military tactics or how to defeat an enemy – it’s more about the small details that differentiate services.

Rolling Sleeves

And, as Marines will be Marines, there is a directive for everything in order to provide direction, clarity and ensure uniformity.

It’s important to mention that the directive addressing rolling sleeves isn’t about a specific way to do it, but about when it’s appropriate and necessary to do so.

Since rolling sleeves is even addressed in a MARADMIN (Marine Administrative Message), tutorials like this are necessary.

After all, uniforms don’t come with instructions on how to roll sleeves.

This tutorial is for those devil dogs who are either fresh out of bootcamp and MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) schools, and for those who have been in for some years but still struggle.

Sgt. Donell Bryant gives a period of instruction on how to make sure your sleeves are good to go.

Presentation on Rolling Sleeves