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See Some Of The Most Effective Room Breaching & Clearing Techniques Based On The U.S. Army Field Manual

June 01, 2017

Door breaching is a process used by military, police or emergency services to force open closed and/or locked doors.

A wide range of methods are available, one or more of which may be used in any given situation.

A part of room clearing is the ability to gain access quickly to the rooms to be cleared.

Breaching techniques vary based on the type of construction encountered and the types of munitions available to the breaching element.

Techniques range from simple mechanical breaching to complex, specialized demolitions.

If possible, the breach should be conducted to allow the team to continue movement without waiting at the breach (entry) point.

Deception should be used to confuse the enemy as to the location of the primary entry point. This can be achieved by using stun grenades in an area other than the actual breach/entry point.

U.S. Army Field Manual

This video gives a brief overview on room breaching and clearing techniques based on the U.S. Army Field Manual FM 3-06.11 from June 2011.

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U.S. Army Field Manual On Breaching