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More Than 100 Kurdish YPG Fighters Killed By Recent Turkish Aggression

YPJ fighters (Free-use via Flickr user KurdishStruggle)
June 06, 2017

According to the YPG Media Office, more than 111 YPG fighters have been killed during the roughly 80 attacks on Kurdish-held areas since the beginning of May.

The Turkish government has received an overwhelming amount of backlash for its inability to set aside differences with the Kurds as the YPG and SDF make significant advances towards reclaiming the de facto ISIS capital in Syria.

“It’s frustrating for me, as a foreign fighter to this country, to see the persecution the Kurds face at the hands of the Turkish when our main goal is stamping out the threat of ISIS from the Middle East,” said YPG Sfficer Zagros Sores. “The Turks have shown time and time again that their main goal is to focus their forces on fighting a people that have no interest in fighting them back. Nelson Mandela once said, ‘if you want to know what the Turkish government is like, try being a Kurd for an hour.’ But it’s true. This conflict would be over much sooner if they could refocus their aggression.”

Additionally, the Turkish military carried out 32 airstrikes solely directed on the YPG/YPJ during the month of May.

Most of the reported casualties have come from the front lines of Tabqa and Raqqa, indicating that while the Turkish could be using their air power to target Islamic State Forces, they choose instead to target the Kurds and Assyrian Christians liberating the towns surrounding Raqqa.