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Researchers Could Use Brain Waves To Teach Artificial Intelligence To Shoot

May 12, 2017

Scientists from DCS Corp engineering firm and the Army Research Lab are working to come up with new technology that would teach robots how and when to shoot, according to a recent report.

Many believe that using robotics to take over the tasks of U.S. soldiers would ultimately decrease the loss of life on the battlefield, and some researchers believe that they can fine-tune a robot to be more precise than any human.

But there are many problems still faced by using robotic soldiers. For example, a robot may not know when to spare the life of an enemy combatant or when to shoot, similar to decisions being made in a split second by soldiers.

Researchers found that the easiest way to teach a robot when or when not to shoot would be to map out human memories – brainwaves specifically – and create some form of usable data that could be uploaded so that robots could use those human memories in making battlefield decisions, according to the report.

“In that dynamic environment we have in the military world, how do we retrain this learning process from a systems perspective,” asked the Army’s chief scientist, Thomas Russell, according to the report. “Right now, I don’t think there’s any way to do that without having the humans train those systems.”