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Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Group Launches New Campaign With Bulletproof Posters

May 03, 2017

Gabby Giffords has been advocating for gun control ever since 2011, when the U.S. representative was shot through the head at point-blank range during a constituent meeting in Arizona. Giffords wants every would-be gun owner to pass the same background check her attacker passed for his gun. Giffords leads a gun control group called Americans for Responsible Solutions and their latest efforts include putting “bullet-proof posters” up on busy streets so people can hide behind them if someone randomly begins to shoot.

The posters are made of bullet-proof drywall, which contains a Kevlar weave that will stop a lot of–but not all–rounds from penetrating. The special drywall is a popular component in the construction of safe-rooms around the country.

“This post stops bullets because our gun laws can’t,” some of the posters read.

Other versions of the poster say: “In case of gunfire hide behind this poster.”

A video that promotes these posters features a man that says: “Criminals have illegal guns, and they are getting these guns from somewhere. These kids are 14, 15-years-old, so how are they getting these high-powered rifles?”

The truth behind that question is these guns are acquired by gang connections and are also stolen. It has nothing to do with gun control.

Consider Baltimore, they have banned “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines in 2013, only to discover a steep rise in gun crimes and murders. Baltimore hit its highest murder rate on record of 344. The gun inspired murder rate is so high that the mayor has asked for the FBI to intercede.

The video that promotes these Gifford posters ends with,: “It’s time to require background checks on all gun sales.”

But, the man who placed a bullet in Gifford’s head passed a background check for his gun, as did the Aurora movie theater attacker, both Fort Hood attackers, the Virginia Tech attacker, the Lafayette theater attacker, Alison Parker’s on-air attacker, the New York City bomber, the Orlando Pulse attacker, the Umpqua Community College attacker, and the DC Navy Yard attacker, to name a few.