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(VIDEO) A Tribute Video To The Longest Serving U.S. Navy Super Carrier

Flight operations compilation from deck of the LEGENDARY SUPERCARRIER USS ENTERPRISE (Ultimate Military Channel/YouTube)
April 14, 2017

USS Enterprise (CVN-65), formerly CVA(N)-65, is a decommissioned U.S. Navy aircraft carrier of legendary fame. She was the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier as well as having served for 51 consecutive years, longer than any other U.S. aircraft carrier. The only ship of her class, Enterprise was, at the time of inactivation, the third-oldest commissioned vessel in the U.S. Navy after the wooden-hulled USS Constitution and USS Pueblo.

The USS Enterprise was replaced by the super carrier USS Gerald R. Ford, creating a succession of extraordinary firsts among all U.S. Navy vessels. This footage is the ultimate flight deck operations compilation tribute video to the USS Enterprise. It contains cockpit vision, plus a multitude of other angles featuring F/A-18 Super Hornets, S-3 Vikings, and E-2 Hawkeyes. It also includes rare footage of the Enterprise steaming at full speed.

(Ultimate Military Channel/YouTube)

In 1954, construction began on the grand ship, the eighth U.S. ship to bear the name Enterprise. It would have four propeller shafts powered by eight nuclear reactors, something that had never before been attempted. It took three years and nine months to complete construction of the super carrier, according to the Sextant.


Check it out:

Once it was commissioned and underwent trials, Secretary of the Navy John B. Connally Jr. said, “The new Enterprise will reign a long, long time as queen of the seas.” Her first mission took place in October of 1962 in communist Cuba. She was called on again in September 2001 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The USS Enterprise recorded 400,000 arrested landings on May 24, 2011, by an F/A-18F Super Hornet piloted by Lt. Matthew L. Enos and Weapon System Officer Lt. Cmdr. Jonathan Welsh from the Red Rippers of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 11, the Sextant stated.

(Ultimate Military Channel/YouTube)

With a displacement of 85,600 tons and a length of 1, 101 feet, the USS Enterprise can travel at more than 30 knots and hold a crew of 4,600, seven fixed wing squadrons and one helicopter, making her a top choice for the large number of deployments she has undertaken, according to the U.S. Navy.

Some of the deployments that the super carrier has participated in include 1975s Vietnam-Operation Frequent Wind, Operation Desert Fox in 1999, Operation Enduring Freedom in 2007, initiated raids in South Vietnam and various operations in the Middle East, to name a few, according to Hullnumber.


The video is long but well worth the watch to see the many capabilities the Big E had, has, and will continue to have with her future successors.