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Watch This Amazing Compilation Of The Most Insane Fighter Jet Flyovers

April 28, 2017

Flyovers, also known as flypast or flyby, are a celebratory display or ceremonial flight, a ceremonial or honorific flight of one or more aircraft, over a specific location. Crowds normally go crazy when aerial displays bring daring acrobatics from pilots or stunning formations from a group of planes. But sometimes things don’t as planned, at least as planned by the attending crowd.

Insane Flyovers

Normally part of a bigger airshow, these aerial displays bring maneuvers ordinarily or commonly not seen everyday by people not exposed to aerial operations. Most airborne operations are done at safe distances for safety and security purposes, being personal or national security.

Insane Flyovers Close Call

This footage, however, is about flyovers that were so out of the ordinary that people could be heard screaming fearfully in the background. Mostly fighter jets flying at insanely speeds for the safe distance they are supposed to maintain, it contains one or two civilian aircraft who gave the scare of their lives to those “fortunate” enough to be there.


See for yourself: