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(VIDEO) Navy Special Warfare Combat Crewmen In Action

April 06, 2017

Special Warfare Combat Crewmen, otherwise known as SWCC (pronounced ‘swick’), are highly trained boat teams that assist SEAL teams on special operation missions. SWCC teams are experts at clandestine infiltrations and exfiltrations, and their training is heavily geared towards mastering the small craft in which they operate in. 

Some SWCC boats are attached with the infamous GAU-17A minigun, a Gatling-style machine gun system which can fire up to 4000 rounds per minute. The 17A model is specific to the U.S. Navy and Air Force and comes with special mounts for the decks of each ship or craft. SWCC also utilizes a special type of boat within their units, the SOC-R, or Special Operations Craft- Riverine. These boats are specially designed to be used by SWCC and have a number of features that aid in their day to day missions. Some of those features include a sharp turn radius, increased weapons mounts, and a higher rate of speed than their counterparts.

Check out the video below: