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(VIDEO) Mat Best introduces the ‘ISIS Button’

Mat Best introducing the ISIS button. (MBest11x/YouTube)
April 03, 2017

Mat Best, Vice President of Black Rifle Coffee Company, is a well-known veteran figure on social media. His forte is videos that resonate with veterans like him, and most go viral and add to his huge following.

Best introduced the DARPA-created “ISIS button” to BRCC, which immediately spawns members of ISIS into and around a particular area. In this instance, ISIS members immediately are spawned into the office every time the button is pushed.

Hunting ISIS spawned by the ISIS button. (MBest11x/YouTube)

The “ISIS” button was introduced to boost morale around the office and keep these veterans occupied from time to time as opposed to working a normal day in an office environment, even if it is at a veteran-owned company like Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Luckily, these veterans know exactly what to do and how to handle ISIS fighters as they are well-equipped and well-trained to take them out within minutes of them spawning into an area like in a video game.

Check it out:

Having ISIS members in the office could be a little dangerous, but with a large group of veterans around, it couldn’t be much of an issue. Work productivity, on the other hand, could be a problem, especially when a fellow veteran uses the ISIS button but forgets to take him out before he gets away and runs around the office. Even worse, the veteran has no idea where he could possibly be, causing a safety issue for other veterans in the office. Best says that his fellow veteran can take out the ISIS member on his own, but for good measure, he tags along to ensure the office’s safety.

ISIS spawned by the ISIS button. (MBest11x/YouTube)

Things get a little more hairy when the ISIS button gets into the hands of a small child who continually hits the button over and over again. Immediately, Mat seeks help from one of his fellow veterans. Luckily, one of the ISIS members doesn’t know anything about firearm safety and happens to kill himself with his own gun.

The video amassed over a million views on YouTube, and even more on Facebook.

Best’s videos have been a driving force in Black Rifle Coffee Company’s marketing campaign. Each video features a brief advertisement for BRCC and sometimes accompanies a coupon code.

Best is a former Army Ranger with five deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, according to his bio. He later served overseas as a CIA contractor before delving into business. He serves as President of Article 15 clothing and Vice President of Black Rifle Coffee Company, in addition to other business ventures.