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(VIDEO) Learn About The USNS Comfort Hospital Ship

April 24, 2017

The USNS Comfort is a Mercy-class hospital ship, which is owned by the Unite States Navy but is crewed by members and workers of Military Sealift Command (MSC). When the ship is deployed to aid in the many missions it can assist in around the world, with it comes an array of Doctors, Corpsman, Nurses, and other hospital class occupational specialties.

The ship has participated in multiple missions around the globe, to include the Persian gulf war, the war in Iraq, hurricane Katrina, and various tsunamis, earthquakes, and disaster events that have occurred. The USNS  Comfort is equipped to deal with most medical style emergencies and can house up to 1,000 or more patients. It also holds a plethora of other amenities, such as two oxygen producing plants, pharmacies, laboratories, a morgue, and special casualty reception areas.

The USNS Comfort provides help for those in need around the world and is a shining beacon of hope in a time of war. When disaster strikes, they are there to ensure that as many lives are saved as possible, and no one has to suffer without treatment.


Check out the video below to learn a bit more about the mission and capabilities of the USNS Comfort: