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(VIDEO) Learn What It Takes To Become A U.S. Marine, Part 2

April 13, 2017

Now that the initial shock of arrival has worn off and the future Marines begin to get into their daily routine, the drill instructors begin to overload the young recruits with information. With everything from how to make their bed properly to how to wear their new uniforms, they’re taught how to do it all to a tee. It seems funny enough that they would have to be taught something every adult has figured out how to do, but its all apart of a bigger picture: tearing them down to build them back up a certain way. The Marine Corps way.

On top of all the new information that they are receiving, they also begin to learn Marine Corps history, customs and courtesies. They also learn how to fight. The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, known as MCMAP, teaches the basics of hand to hand combat to recruits in order to make them effective fighters with and without weapons. They also train with pugil sticks, which were created to practice bayonet warfare, among other things.

The training days are long and the pace is kept intense, but as time chips away from their 13-week vacation to either MCRD Parris Island or San Diego, the recruits begin to fill with a sense of pride in the kind of men and women they are becoming. They’re becoming Marines.

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