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(VIDEO) Learn What It Takes To Become A Navy SEAL, Part 2

April 14, 2017

The single most defining event for those attempting to complete BUD/S and become U.S. Navy SEALs is hell week. This event tests each potential SEAL physically and mentally, inducing the maximum amount of stress that a training environment will allow, trying to weed out any last men not dedicated to becoming SEAL operators. It is done fairly early in the training regimen so instructors can focus on the men with the most plausible chance of completing training.

While it may be stress inducing, with men constantly on the move from one area of training to another, safety is always adhered to. Medical staff is on stations at all times to assist with injuries that occur, and injuries like hypothermia and dehydration are among the many things that occur frequently.

Once a candidate has made it past hell week, they stand a very good chance of completing the rest of the training and finally becoming Navy SEALs. Earning that golden trident is often considered one of the hardest things many men will do in their entire lives, and once earned that title is coveted forever.

Even after hell week, however, more training must occur.

Check out the video below to watch the second installment of BUD/S training: