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(VIDEO) Learn what it’s like to eat on board a US Navy ship

Chow on a Navy ship (Screenshot/Youtube)
April 25, 2017

It’s a hard job trying to feed a ship full of Marines and sailors three times a day, but Marine and Navy cooks get the job done. Not only do they get it done, but they get it done well. There’s nothing better than a nice hot meal after a long day at sea.

Life aboard a large ship is never easy, and one of the few simple pleasures that people can look forward to are port calls and chow times. Cooking for that many people so frequently can be tough since it is easy to criticize something when it is all you have, but they still find a way to make the food worth the wait.

Desserts (YouTube)

Of course, cooking on a ship has gotten much better than it was in the past, and cooks now are able to bring a variety of specialized foods to cook when they are at sea. Mess officers plan out menus way in advance to a deployment, to ensure they not only have the proper amount of food but also to train everyone on how to prepare it as well.

Overall, despite the sometimes long lines and cramped dining conditions, the cooks and chefs from the Marines and Navy do their best to ensure the food served is top quality.

Waiting in line for their meals (YouTube)

The video starts off showing the long line that the Marines and sailors must wait in. The line snakes its way through the halls of the ship, but still moves at a steady pace. The troops are patient though because they know that the delicious meals are worth it. Once they reach the kitchen, they are given their trays, which are then loaded up with a variety of different items including beef, corn, bread, and gravy.

The Marines and sailors can also serve themselves at the salad bar where there are many different options available. Finally, there is a decent selection of fruit including watermelon, cantaloupe and oranges. Then for drinks, the troops have many options including juice, tea, coffee, and soda.

Fresh fruit is available (YouTube)

With complex but efficient supply chain solutions, food options on the ships have improved immensely. It used to be unheard of to have fresh fruit and vegetables while at sea, but nowadays it is quite abundant. Receiving a well-balanced diet while at sea is no longer an issue, which is great because these hard-working and hungry Marines and sailors deserve it.

Check out the video for a glimpse of day to day life below: