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(VIDEO) Turkish troops survive being ambushed by the world’s worst sniper

April 25, 2017

Check out this crazy video of a Kurdistan’s Workers Party (PKK) sniper nearly taking out Turkish troops from the Mine and Improvised Explosion Detection and Disposal Team who were checking the roadway for booby traps and other explosives.

In the video, a Turkish troop is standing on the roadway until a bullet from the PKK sniper whizzes right past him. Not fully understanding going on, the soldier reacts slowly and then decides to hustle and take cover as a second bullet nearly hits him again. He takes cover behind the armored truck thinking he is out of the line of fire, but the sniper still has a perfect line of sight. The soldier creeps out again from behind the vehicle and then another shot comes down and appears to hit his foot and graze him. Realizing that he is not safe by the truck, he runs to get inside.

One of the other troops taking cover on the side of the road decided later to make a run for the vehicles to get away from the sniper. A barrage of sniper fire follows him as he attempts to get to the vehicle.

That reaction time needs some work.

Check it out below: