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(VIDEO) A Tribute To The United States Military

April 14, 2017

Times are changing. The drum of war is being sounded in all corners around the globe. From North Korea defiance, Chinese and Russian armament and rearmament, Iran emboldenment, Syria’s continued abuse against innocent women and children, sea pirates seeking to rob and disrupt maritime commercial routes, the sound of war is rising. A resounding response is needed. After years of appeasement against U.S. enemies, against the enemies of democracy around the world, a response is needed.

And the response lies within. America can’t afford to remain aloof from all these conflicts and trends around the world. Its military can’t continue to be dismantled in the pursuit of other “goals.” It needs to get up and fight. Like this footage of America’s military strength, with the background of former president Reagan delivering a speech for the ages, the current president of the United States is enabling the U.S. Military to stand up to evil and restore hope around the globe.

Check out this tribute to the U.S. military: