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TN Dem Tries To Prove It’s Easy To Buy An AK-47 With Lemonade Stand & Fails

April 07, 2017

On April 5, House Democratic Caucus leader Mike Stewart (D-52) was the highlight of Twitter as Tennessee Democrats tweeted a video of his version of how it is for people to sell a gun. In this case, the gun for sale was an AK-47. Stewart set up a lemonade stand and set the gun among the lemonade and cookies.

Stewart tells passers that he bought the gun from a private seller, and universal background checks are needed so that “terrorists, people on the terrorist watch list, and felons” cannot privately purchase “a military-quality weapon.” After video followed this hodgepodge for 48 minutes, there were no buyers for the gun.

Stewart asks for $700 for the AK-47 but says he will reduce the price by $100 if any buyer will undergo a background check first. However, the sale of the gun never takes place. He never sold any cookies or lemonade either, on a lighter note. Maybe this is because the people know more than they let on.

Stewart’s suggestions indicate that background checks would stop criminals from obtaining guns. Yet, it is criminals that illegally use guns to commit crimes and across the country it is illegal for criminals to possess any kind of firearm. Universal background checks do not and never have stopped criminals or terrorists from getting guns. Just ask France.

Universal background checks will not keep “people on the terror watch list” from getting guns. But, what they will do is prohibit law abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families.