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Fabio Calls On Celebs To Support Police After Thieves Steal $200K+ From His Home

April 20, 2017

The home of model and spokesperson Fabio Lanzoni was recently robbed and more than $200,000 in gold coins and watches were stolen. The suspects entered his home through the only area that was not visible to the security cameras. The burglars stole a 200 pound safe that was bolted to the ground, which contained over $120,000 in gold coins and approximately $80,000 in watches.

Fabio spoke of the ordeal during an interview with Access Hollywood.

“I came home and I saw one of the windows [broken]. I knew right away [that] something [had] happened,” Fabio told Access Hollywood.

He said he had trained Rottweilers, but had left them outside that day; the only day that the burglars could have entered the home without facing the security dogs.

“It’s a real mess,” Fabio said. “California’s a mess.”

He describes how many of his friends have been mugged just walking down the street.

“The system is a total failure,” he said. “And I’ve said this before, coming from Europe it’s like a movie, I already saw the freaking movie.”

Fabio also encourages other celebrities to support the police.

“The police [are] the ones who serve us, not the criminal,” Fabio told Access Hollywood. “So we have to take a stand, we have to help the police. The police right now [are] demoralized. They are like, ‘Why should I stop some criminal and risk my life, and then maybe get into trouble with the law because now the law is on the side of the criminal.’”