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Canadian Woman Works To Disarm Terrorists By Analyzing ISIS Equipment

April 28, 2017

Devin Morrow is a technical advisor with Conflict Armament Research who spends her days on the front lines in Iraq analyzing whatever weapons and machines the Iraqi Army manages to capture from the Islamic State. Morrow’s mission is to disarm and delay further combat operations in the area.

“It’s quite unprecedented, the level at which ISIS is able to create its own ammunition and weaponry,” Morrow said in a statement to Fox News. “We don’t see this quality of production in other conflict zones.”

Each day Morrow and her team travel to the front line to photograph and assess captured ISIS equipment. They then move on to analyzing it in order to tell what the Islamic States true capabilities actually are. Recently the team even analyzed a homemade tunnel boring device found by the Iraqi Army’s 9th Division. The tunnel boring machine explains how the Islamic State was able to hide munitions around Mosul and create intricate tunnel networks for so long.

“Our group actively tries to document individual items. That’s the first step in decreasing the proliferation of illegal weapons,” she told Fox News. “By creating this database and by understanding corridors and trafficking among regions – where the weak parts are around the world – then we can create more robust and responsible international arms policies.”