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Alabama House Passes Bill To Allow Stand Your Ground Laws In Churches

April 06, 2017

The Alabama House passed bill HB 36 on Tuesday. The legislation will extend stand-your-ground laws to cover armed, law-abiding church-goers. Rep. Lynn Greer (R-Rogersville) sponsored the bill, which is now headed to the Senate. In technical terms, the bill “ensures that a person is not criminally liable for using physical force, including deadly force, in self-defense or in defense of another person on the premises of a church under certain conditions, including when the force is used against someone attempting to commit physical injury, robbery or a sex crime at the church.”

“HB 36 does not force churches to do anything,” Rep. Greer said. “Our Stand Your Ground laws don’t require training to protect your home and your family.”

Churches need not do anything, meaning they are not liable to enforce or supply training classes, which many do not have funds for and would jeopardize acquiring security, leaving them defenseless to an attack.

“If they aren’t going to go through training, why would we give them immunity?” State Rep. James Buskey (D-Mobile) said.

Alabama already has a stand-your-ground law for law-abiding residents who must use deadly force to protect their lives and the lives of their families, which do not require any special training either. A resident has the right to exercise their natural right to self-defense.