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See One Military Family’s Pride As Their Sister Becomes A U.S. Marine

March 23, 2017

It’s difficult to summarize or describe the content of this video. It’s so simple and straightforward that it’s possible one could miss the greatness of what it really contains.

The U.S. Marine Corps is one of the most challenging, difficult, and respected military services in the world. It’s not that Marines have superpowers, go on secret missions, or even have the latest and most sophisticated equipment in the world. It’s far from that. However, the successful track record of the service is such that everyone approaches them with a sense of respect and mysticism, rightfully so.

Countless stories about the toughness of Marine Corps’ boot camp abound that sometimes the stories borderline on sounding like a myth. Drill instructors toughness and craziness, long and hard training, impossible to reach standards, the toughest physical fitness test of them all. So for anyone to achieve the dream, the goal, of having earned the title of U.S. Marine, it’s almost dreamlike.

For a female, the significance skyrockets. For a female minority whose last name is Lopez, words don’t do justice showing the pride of her family.

“After 3 whole months, we finally get to see my sister. She was away for boot camp for the Marines Corps and she is now a U.S. Marine,” Lopez’s sister wrote. “I am so proud of her!”

Watch and see what it means, not only for the newly minted Marine, but for the whole family: