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Watch Two Apache Helicopters Kill A Taliban Platoon…One By One

March 07, 2017

This video shows two Apache helicopters in Afghanistan stalking and taking out two Taliban platoons, terrorist by terrorist. This is great footage.

At the 5:35 mark you can actually see a few of the Taliban start praying to Allah, only to have an Apache missile give them a one way ticket right on their heads.

While the video is from 2012 most of you know that this is one of the best benefits of Apaches. A quick tidbit on the Apache’s use by the U.S. Army:

The U.S. Army formally accepted its first production AH-64A Apache in January 1984 and training of the first pilots began later that year. The first operational Apache unit, 7th Battalion, 17th Cavalry Brigade, began training on the AH-64A in April 1986 at Fort Hood, Texas. Two operational units with 68 AH-64s first deployed to Europe in September 1987 and took part in large military exercises there. The Apache was first used in combat in 1989, during Operation Just Cause, the invasion of Panama. The AH-64 participated in over 240 hours of combat attacking various targets, mostly at night. General Carl Stiner, the commander of the operation, commented that: “You could fire that Hellfire missile through a window from four miles away at night”.