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(VIDEO) See The World’s Largest Wall Of Fire During 2017 Yuma Airshow

March 31, 2017

Who doesn’t get excited going to an airshow on a military base? Especially when the airshow is at a Marine Corps Air Station and they just happen to display the world’s largest wall of fire ever!

The Yuma Airshow is a signature event for not only Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, but also to the entire city of Yuma. The airshow serves as an opportunity for MCAS Yuma to thank the local community for their continued support.

The Yuma Airshow is often highlighted by a performance from the Patriots Jet Team, which is the largest civilian-owned aerobatic jet team in the western hemisphere. The Patriots Jet Team performs aerial acrobatics as pyrotechnics explode, forming an incredibly stunning “wall of fire” that has gone into the Guinness World Record as the world’s largest wall of fire ever. This video shows moments from the 2017 Yuma Airshow, containing most of the latest military aircraft such as the F-35B, the U.S. Marine Corps variant of the JSF Lightning II. An event truly magnificent.

Check it out: