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Watch Marine Corps Huey Venom Helicopters Unleash Some Steel Rain

March 01, 2017

No single aircraft provides a better blend of all six Marine Aviation functions than the Marine Huey Venom. It has been called a case study in Offensive Air Support, Assault Support, Command and Control, and Aerial Reconnaissance, the Marine utility helicopter of choice is truly a microcosm of Marine Aviation. With low-flying Vipers aimed in on the hostile street ahead and hovering Venoms covering adjacent rooftops, combat Marines can engage under the watchful eye of close air support. No better mix.

In this video, Marine Corps UH-1Y Venom door gunners (crew chiefs) fire the GAU-21 .50 Caliber machine gun and the GAU-17 minigun during a training mission at Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range in California on April 2016. Truly kickass if you ask me.


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