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Watch Completely Real North Korean Military Video That You Can’t Believe Isn’t Fake

March 07, 2017

We don’t speak Korean but we particularly like the sharpshooter wearing everyday reading glasses.

Watch this “behind the scenes” North Korean military video. What is even better about it is that there are two parts to it.

Absolutely hilarious.

And check out this great “camo, plant net.” So innovative…It only gets worse from there.

camo net

What’s even more crazy is that they consider what they are doing to be a sign of power with many of the people being interviewed in the video raising their fists and raising their voices with great emphasis.

It seems that they also took some grass and leaves from their backyard and glued a small portion of it onto their heads and shoulders. Is this their version of a ghillie suit?

Part 1

Part 2