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Watch An RPG Get Fired At 45 Sheets Of Bulletproof Glass!

March 01, 2017

Watch what happens when you combine a group of crazy russians, an anti-tank rocket fired from an RPG-7, and 45 sheets of bulletproof glass. These inquisitive young gentlemen carried out this “experiment” to see if it could pierce 45 sheets of bulletproof glass with a rocket. A brave young mannequin, that goes simply by the name “tankman”, was kind enough to stand in for these young Russians to show what would happen to a real human if they were behind the glass at the time of impact. Thanks to tank man no living creatures were injured during the filming of this experiment.


Photo of “Tankman” preparing for the test.

The video picked up steam when it was posted on Reddit and became an instant classic. Watch the video for yourself to find out why!