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Watch Airstrike Destroy ISIS IED Making Facility & Chemical Munitions Plant

March 21, 2017

Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) are just one of many ghastly weapons that ISIS fighters employ as they continue their reign of terror around Iraq. Generally, explosives are placed inside a car and wired to a detonation switch, which is then detonated remotely or in-person near civilians or military personnel. U.S. Military on the ground are taught the many warning signs that may indicate a vehicle could be laden with explosives, such as the rear of the vehicle sagging (under the weight of the explosives) or the disposition of the driver. But, no matter how alert and vigilant they may be, coalition forces always aim to destroy VBIED’s before they ever make it onto the battlefield.

In this video, you can watch coalition forces bomb one such VBIED making facility near Al Qaim, Iraq, along with a plant that was also being used to manufacture chemical munitions.

Check it out below: