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(VIDEO) Sky News Reporters Narrowly Escape ISIS Suicide Bomb Explosion

March 27, 2017

Sky News reporters, as well as a camera crew, running from ISIS sniper fire on the front lines of the Iraqi offensive in Mosul narrowly escaped an explosion from an ISIS IED.

Sky News Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay, cameraman Nathan Hale, Iraq producer Haider Kata and security adviser Mike Mawhinney were all involved in the incident.

The group took cover inside a vehicle to protect themselves from the blast.

According to Sky News, it is believed a digger saved them from the blast.

“Sometimes you have to run into a front line, even though your brain is screaming ‘don’t go’,” Ramsay said.


“Dismounted from armored Humvees in this sniper-filled battle space, there is no choice,” he added. “We’re basically hiding in rubble now, trying to find a way to get out of here. At the moment it’s impossible to move, there’s just too much action taking place.”

Ramsay recalled the exact moment the bomb exploded.

“A soldier jumped into the van beside me and there was silence; then a crash. Then nothing,” Ramsay said. “An orange flash, an enormous boom and our heavy truck lifted off the ground,” he added. “The three-inch plate glass front windshield exploded and acrid smoke filled the truck.”

“I felt my arms and legs. They were all there. I wasn’t hurt at all. None of us could believe it,” he added.

A spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve confirmed Monday that somewhere between 200 and 300 U.S. troops would be sent to Mosul to assist Iraqi troops in taking back the city from the Islamic State.