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U.S. Marine Corps School Of Infantry Develops New Marines Into Infantrymen Who Can Fight, Survive & Win In Combat Situations

March 10, 2017

U.S. Marines have basically one main job: to go into some of the most inhospitable situations to kill the enemy and take over the intended objective.

This may sound straightforward, but it’s anything but easy. In most cases, enemy forces have months to dig in their defensive positions, making the effort a daunting one. That’s why training is so important. That’s why the U.S. Marine Corps School Of Infantry Training Battalion exists.

After boot camp, Marines go to the School of Infantry (SOI). Some go to Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) and some go to non-infantry Marine Combat Training. The Infantry Training Battalion mission is to train and qualify Marines in entry level infantry military occupational specialties in order to provide the Operating Forces with Marines capable of conducting expeditionary combat operations. Infantry Training Battalion is a 59-day training course that develops new Marines into infantrymen who can fight, survive, and win in combat situations.

This is compiled footage of the U.S. Marine Corps School Of Infantry, Infantry Training Battalion East in Camp Geiger, inside Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Check it out: