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Secretary Of Defense Jim Mattis Does His Own Laundry At The Pentagon

March 03, 2017

Following the President’s first address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, Independent Journal Review’s Benny Johnson ran into Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and took the opportunity to ask him a few questions. While speaking, Mattis disclosed that he is loving being back working for the military, why his call sign is “CHAOS,” and that he does his own laundry in the basement of the Pentagon.

Johnson said as he was rounding the corner in the Capitol building he saw Mattis with a group of vets trying to get a picture together. After he assisted in taking the picture for them, he took the chance to introduce himself and ask the new Secretary how the transition was going.

“Oh, it’s so good to be back,” Mattis told Johnson. “I had to get away for a while to really appreciate it. People in our military are just incredible. We work as a cohesive unit. Everyone has a duty and a job to do. My staff view it as the highest honor and privilege, getting to work at the Pentagon every day.”

“I treat the people inside that building like my family,” Mattis added.

He then went on to say that he loves talking to his cohorts as he goes down to get his laundry.

“When I go down to get my laundry in the basement, I factor in ten extra minutes every trip just so I can talk with people. Ya know, they see me coming down the hallway and want to ask something, they should be able to. We work just like a family,” he said.

Johnson said when he asked Mattis to confirm that he does his own laundry, Mattis said “well, yes,” as if there was no other option. Johnson also asked why Mattis chose to carry his own bags around D.C. which is not the norm.

“Well, I have two hands, don’t I?” he replied.

Mattis also reiterated to Johnson that “Mad Dog” is not his official name, and that his true call sign is “CHAOS.” He then explained why.

“You know, that is not my real call sign? That was something made up by the press. Some reporter, who needed a quick name for me. My real name is Chaos. ‘Colonel Has An Outstanding Solution. That is my real call sign and what my men used to call me. Anyone who has ever worked with me calls me Chaos. That’s the name I prefer,” he told Johnson.