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Learn All About The U.S. Marine With The Most Confirmed Kills In USMC History

March 17, 2017

This is a very interesting video about Chuck Mawhinney, a U.S. Marine who has 103 confirmed kills and over 200 probable kills.

Mawhinney was stationed in Vietnam during the war. He was a sniper, but on one specific mission, he decided to take his M14 since he was expecting the enemy to be at closer range. Mawhinney was about to engage on an enemy, but they retreated back. Mawhinney knew immediately that something was going on.

It was only him and his buddy standing between the enemy and his unit farther back, so they decided it was time to attack.

You can only imagine what it was like to be laying near a river, taking 16 shots and getting a kill for each, all while moving around at night with the stress of possibly being seen and killed. It’s truly a remarkable feat.

This Marine went above and beyond that night in Vietnam to protect his unit, hats off to Chuck and his spotter. Check out his story below: