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Man Sues Bar For Refusing To Serve Him Because Of Trump Hat

March 20, 2017

A Philadelphia man who says he was refused service at a New York City cocktail lounge for wearing a “Make America Great Hat” is suing the lounge, according to the New York Post.

Greg Piatek, an accountant in Philadelphia claims that while visiting “The Happiest Hour” near Greenwich Village following a tour of the 9/11 memorial on January 28, the bartenders refused to serve him because of his Donald Trump hat, his lawsuit said.

The first bartender at the lounge served him his first drink but a separate bartender reportedly ignored him.

According to the lawsuit, one of Piatek’s friends had to get a bartender’s attention, but upon asking to be served, the bartender asked if Piatek’s hat was a “joke.”

“I can’t believe you would support someone so terrible and you must be terrible as a person,” a third bartender said.

“Don’t even try to order from me,” Piatek said the bartender added.

According to the lawsuit, Piatek claims the bar’s owner told him: “Anyone who supports Trump or believes what you believe is not welcome here. And you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you.”

“In my opinion, the motto of The Happiest Hour seems to be: we will accept you, so long as you think exactly like us,” Piatek’s attorney, Paul Liggieri, of the Derek Smith Law Group, told

“The values displayed by the employees of The Happiest Hour are not the values of our nation. Our nation values acceptance and democracy. It seems to me that The Happiest Hour, however, values hypocrisy,” Liggieri continued.