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Listen To A Song That Pays Tribute To Women Serving In The U.S. Military

March 21, 2017

The role of women in the military is often overlooked. Many people have antiquated views of women serving as nurses or other non-combat roles. Hollywood portrayals of the American military are quick to overlook the fact that all women serving in the military are making the same sacrifices as their male counterparts.

However, recently policy changes are starting to change that perspective. In December of 2015, Defense Secretary Ash Carter made an announcement stating that all combat roles would be open to women starting in 2016. It’s becoming increasingly harder to discount the integral role that female soldiers are playing in protecting our liberties and freedoms.



Pam Miller is an up and coming singer that wanted to pay tribute to these brave female fighters. The up and coming country singer recorded a song titled “Somebody’s Daughter” that brings awareness not only to the women that serve but the toll it can take on their families. The song was written by Doug Holmquist.


Listen to the beautiful song performed by Miller and share your thoughts about women serving in the military below.